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Manufactured vs Universal?

I have a new neighbor in my cul-de-sac. Before they moved in, they made improvements to their home. One improvement was his garage door opener. About two weeks later, it was discovered that every time we used our garage door opener, his garage doors would open too. I approached him to welcome him into the subdivision and inform him about his garage opener. He showed me his garage door opener and remote controls. The opener was a popular brand and the remote was a universal knock off. I told him he needed to contact the brand for his garage opener and they would ship him the correct remotes and that way his family could enjoy all the features offered, and not some.

You might be saying, Byron, what does these have to do with paint?

Well, Benjamin Moore is the only paint manufacturer that produces and customizes its own colorant to create the brilliant colors we enjoy. Our competitors, however, use a universal colorant system to create their colors.

Hmm, so now you can see why color matching, hues, shades and formulas of our competitors cannot compare to the colors of Benjamin Moore. In other words, our competitors are creating wrong colors often.

For example, I had a customer who wanted to paint the outside of her house using Benjamin Moore colors. She came into my store three consecutive Sundays--yes, we are opened on Sundays--to find the perfect color pattern. She bought several samples each week. I just knew I had convinced her to use my paints. A few weeks later after her house was painted, she called me in disgust and had several choice words for me because the house colors did not match any of the samples that she purchased from me. I remained professional and apologized for any issues concerning the painting of her home. I checked her profile for all her paint purchases and realized that she never purchased the paint from my store. I asked her to give me the information on her remaining paint cans. She later discovered her painter used another paint company to create the Benjamin Moore colors. She was embarrassed to find this out. She offered her deepest apology for her inappropriate behavior towards me.

So, if you are going to invest all your energy, time and money to find that perfect color, then do not use a universal colorant system offered by our competitors. Use Benjamin Moore’s manufactured and customized colorant system and receive and enjoy all the benefits from the colors you've selected.

Universal Remotes. . .

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